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Travel planning

Don't have the time or patience to sift through website after website, looking for the best hotels, flights, or tours? Or maybe it's your first time traveling abroad or taking a cruise and you not sure what to do? Don't worry. I'll take care of all the planning, booking, and pesky details so you can relax; you'll be enjoying the trip of a lifetime before you know it.

Cost: Commission only*

*Certain exceptions apply; please contact me for details

Personal Travel Agent

Have you ever wanted to take a spontaneous trip but your busy schedule got in the way? It's hard to take advantage of a three-day weekend or unexpectedly excellent weather if you don't have a spare minute to book a hotel or reserve a rental car. As your personal travel agent, I'm on call all the time so you can travel at the drop of a hat. Whether it's a trip for this weekend or next fall, I got you covered.

Cost: $50 monthly retainer

Travel Companion

Are you eager to travel but nervous to go alone? Worried about keeping up with a group tour (or leaving that tour in the dust)? Or maybe you just want someone along to help take photos for the Gram. Whatever the reason, traveling with a companion brings security and convenience. And, hopefully, a bit of extra fun! As an experienced traveler, I’ll help you build your custom trip, we’ll go at your own pace, and you’ll get an unforgettable experience without the stress of traveling alone.*

Cost: Negotiable. Please contact me for specifics.

*Women only.

Contact Me

Reach out to me by phone, email, or through my Facebook page.

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Please direct all inquiries for guest blogging, sponsored content, articles for your publication, and FAM/press trips to my email.