Liebster Award: So, Here’s the Deal

Liebster Award: So, Here’s the Deal

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by Sarah of The Wandering Welshie, so today’s post is going to be all about that.

What is the Liebster Award?

Great question. I didn’t know what it was either, until Sarah messaged me over Facebook. She let me know that she’d found my blog, liked what I was doing, and wanted to nominate me. Pretty nice of her, right?

So, this award isn’t anything tangible or even super exclusive. It’s just a way for bloggers to reach out to each other and say “Hey, great job, you’re making the Internet a better place with your content!” A bit of community camaraderie.

Here’s the Rules:

  • Post the award logo to your blog.
  • Shout-out to the fellow blogger who nominated you. (Thanks, Sarah!)
  • Answer the questions they posed in their nomination post.
  • Nominate 3-5 people with fewer than 1,000 followers.
  • Set new questions for them to answer as well.

Unfortunately, I’m a rule breaker.

Okay, so here’s the deal. I love the idea of an award given between bloggers as a virtual pat on the back. Validation always feels good and it’s sometimes hard to come by as a blogger. Especially just starting out. In the spirit of the award, I will still give a shout-out to Sarah’s blog (because it’s awesome and now one of the ones that I read on the reg) and answer the questions. I’ll also let you know which small (and not-so-small) blogs I keep tabs on, because sharing fellow bloggers’ work is what the Liebster Award is all about.

But I’m not going to nominate anyone. I’m uncomfortable approaching other bloggers about this for the same reason I don’t participate in the “like for like” campaigns on Facebook or Instagram. It feels inauthentic. Not only that, but I’m a very small presence in the blogosphere right now, and it might come off as spammy.

I told you yesterday that I will never lie to you, and that includes about which content creators I think are worth your time. I would much rather recommend a few bloggers I truly admire, drive some traffic to their sites, and miss out on the reciprocal traffic. Call me crazy.

A huge thanks to Sarah, The Wandering Welshie!

Sarah, her boyfriend, and the red Welsh dragon

Now that I’ve got all that icky stuff out of the way, I do want to extend a sincere thank you to Sarah for nominating me. As her blog title indicates, she is a Welsh gal out and about in this big wide world. Right now she is in South East Asia on an extended post-graduation trip. I know, I know. Everyone is doing South East Asia. But in a sea of travel bloggers flooding Thailand and Cambodia right now, Sarah stands out. Her site is engaging, informative, and entertaining. And she’s not just doing “the banana pancake trail.” Check out her travel plan page to find out where she’s headed next!

The Questions

Let’s break some ice, shall we?

  • How’d you come up with the name for your blog?

    • Expedition Limitless is both a promise to myself to never stop traveling and a reminder that there are no limits to this expedition we call life. Every moment should be part of the expedition, and for that I need to be present in every moment.
  • What made you decide to start blogging?

    • So, I’ve always been a writer. Creative writing, essay writing in school, poetry, journal-keeping on my travels, you name it. I love it. I started this blog because there are some things that travel makes you feel that can only be written down. Also, there are a lot of things about travel that I wish someone had told me, so hopefully this blog will help even a few people on their own expeditions.
  • What has been your best travel experience so far?

    • Oh, what a question! So hard to choose. I’d have to say that exploring Rio Secreto during my trip to Playa del Carmen last summer was the most impactful. I haven’t written about it here on the blog, yet, although I plan to soon. You can read my article for Travelicious World, though.
  • Where’s next on your wishlist?

    Me and my sister looking very white in Cancun
    • Italy is always in the back of my mind (and also the middle and front of my mind, haha), but I have to say that what I’ve really been dreaming of doing for about a year or so now is a heritage trip to Great Britain and Ireland with my sister. We’re Irish, Scottish, and Welsh on our Dad’s side and I’d really like to dig down through history, maybe using or a similar site, and then take a road trip through the islands with her. Either starting or ending on the anniversary of our Dad’s passing.
  • Who is your favorite person to travel with?

    • My sister is a great travel buddy, but we’ve got different travel styles. Basically, I’m game for anything and the more it terrifies me, the more I want to do it. She’s a little less insane. Mostly, I love to travel with my boyfriend, Chris. He’s the kind of guy who just doesn’t make plans and while that drives me crazy sometimes, it’s a great quality in a travel companion, that flexibility. Plus, he’s fun and pretty cute.
  • What’s your favorite aspect of travel?

    • The wonder of a new place. I think that we often miss that childlike, wide-eyed awe in our day-to-day life and I crave it. It fills my soul up to the top and then overflows it.
  • Are you more of a city or wilderness person?

    • The 200+ stairs I climbed every day in Perugia

      I’m not sure? I’ve definitely been in some cities that I adored, but I’ve also been captivated by rugged landscapes, natural rock formations, white sand beaches, and thick jungle air. Probably a toss-up, although I definitely prefer old cities. And, as always, I want to stay long enough to experience the local flavor of a place. Perugia, Umbria and Lecce, Puglia aren’t the most fascinating or tourist-worthy spots in Italy, but I love them so completely because I truly lived there. Damn, now I’m homesick for those old cobblestone streets. Isn’t that the craziest part about travel? You can be homesick for a city that isn’t yours.

  • What useful item do you always take with you?

    • Burt’s Bee’s lip balm. Planes are brutal on my skin and lips and I don’t mess around with that shit. I’m also a lip biter, which doesn’t help. So, yeah. Lip balm, always.
  • Who are your favorite bloggers?

    • I’m gonna skip this for now, because my recommendations list below is going to answer this more thoroughly.
  • What advice would you give new bloggers?

    • Well, I kind of am a new blogger still. But I would just say focus on the content for now. There’s a lot to get hung up on when building a blog, and the really successful bloggers that I admire all have one thing in common. They put out quality content on a consistent basis. Don’t worry about the numbers game right now. I know I don’t have the emotional or mental capacity to constantly be checking my site stats or my Instagram following. Just focus on what you love, which hopefully is writing and traveling!

Spread the Liebster Award Love

Like I said, I’m not nominating anyone, but I do want to keep this inter-blogger appreciation and support going. So in that spirit, here are the blogs I highly recommend you add to your reading list.

  • The Wandering Welshie. (I’m sure this is no surprise at this point. I’ve been pretty transparent with how awesome I think Sarah is!)
  • Migrating Miss. Sonja is the expat running this charming blog. I don’t know any expats personally, so her take on things is exciting and fresh. She’s also getting married this year (congrats!) and is laying out all the messy details on her blog. So if you’re getting married as an expat, to an expat, or even just in a foreign country, check out her posts for some insight.
  • Backpacker Banter. An Aussie backpacker with a list of destinations that encompasses pretty much the entire South Pacific, Chris gives great advice and I really enjoy his tech reviews. As a not very tech savvy person myself, I enjoy having someone break down the pros and cons of things like drones and cameras. Plus, his videography is on point.
  • Oneika the Traveller. If you’re anything like me, your travel blog reading list might be a little, well… white. When I discovered Oneika’s blog, I realized that I was missing out. She is informative, funny, has been to SO many places, and is not afraid to remind people to check their privilege at the door. It’s important to diversify your sources, because you can learn so much from people outside of your own culture and comfort zone. Sure, she has some articles that don’t pertain to me (like her awesome series on traveling while black), but so what? Not everything’s about me. Seek out YouTubers from other countries, bloggers who write to a different niche than you do, people who look and think differently than you, because that’s how you grow. And isn’t that what travel is all about?

That’s all for now. Thanks again to Sarah for pulling me into this big, warm, virtual group hug from the blogging community!

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  • Thanks for this post. It’s always nice to hear more about what other blogs are around. The ones you recommend were interesting. I’ve come across a couple of them including Oneika’s and again it’s great to have different perspectives in travel. Expedition Limitless sounds great and I hope for great things ahead. Best of luck with things.

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