Thank You, Mom. Love, Your Traveling Daughter

Thank You, Mom. Love, Your Traveling Daughter

thank you, mom

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. I want to take a moment to interrupt your previously scheduled programming (lol, as if this blog runs on a schedule!) to say the following: Thank you, Mom.

I think it must be a special kind of hell to have a traveling daughter. How you must worry! I don’t make a lot of money or have anything close to job security. I travel alone. I’m often in a different state, sometimes even┬ácountry, than you. It can be hard to reach me by phone. Visits are infrequent and brief. And I’m sorry. But I’m also so, so grateful.

Thank You, Mom.

thank you, momThank you for adding feathers to my wings instead of clipping them. For seeing me travel across oceans and cheering me on instead of filling me with worries. Thanks for investing in my traveling heart, with your money, your time, your love. Thank you for believing that I can do this and do it well.

You remind me to be safe but never complacent. You remind me to get my fucking hair wet. To be crazy and bold and brilliant. You remind me that I come from a family of brave women.

And even though I am your traveling daughter, I always know where home is.

So, thank you, Mom.

Special Mention

And thank you to the women who have made me their daughter when I am far away from my own mom. My boyfriend’s mom, Julie, who shares her love of the outdoors with me and brings me to beautiful places. My Italian mamma, Antonietta, who was not my host mom but loved me and fed me and hugged me anyways. My dear, dear friend Sue Anne, who inspires me with her generosity and her lion’s heart. These women and countless other friends I’ve made on the road step into my mom’s shoes when I am far from her. Thank you for all you’ve done for me.

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